Beyond Organics Farm is owned and operated by Jane and James Maginot in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. Our mission at Beyond Organics Farm is to grow fresh, local, nutrient dense, and healthful food which does not take away from the land on which it was sown, but rather, creates a system in which that very food and its byproducts repair, replenish, and nourish the earth from which it is born.

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Summer is setting in…

It seems that we are entering summer weather here at the farm. The temps are expected to reach up close to 100 by next week and no sight of rain. If anything that last year’s drought taught us, we are more efficient water-ers now and feel more prepared for this year’s summer. We are making use of our ponds and artesian well. (SO lucky to have one!)
What’s available right now:
Green Beans
Yellow Squash
Kennebec Potatoes
Jalapeno Peppers
Free-Range Chicken
Our tomatoes are looking excellent with lots of sets that should start ripening in just a few weeks. We also have expanded our winter squash, pumpkin and other gourd production for this year. Even with the hot temps and dray weather, the gardens and pastures are looking great this year! Come by and visit sometime!

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